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We can refresh and renew your old surfaces with our friendly & professional pressure washing services.

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A picture of Shane Wild, the business owner.

Hi, I’m Shane.

I’ve been providing power cleaning services to clients for over 15 years now and have lots of experience in the industry.


Power Cleaning

A beautifully clean patio area which has been professionally power washed.

Garden Patios

Bringing your patios back to life is a great way to make your old patio slabs look like new again.

A clean, wooden decking area which has been cleaned to make it safe to walk on again.

Fencing & Decking

Remove the grime from your fences & decking to reveal the natural colour of the wood beneath and make it look new again.

The gutter cleaning which has a large clump of dirt and grass stuck in the end of it which has been removed from a customers gutter

Gutters & Fascias

Keep the water flowing and your facias glowing with our expert cleaning service that will leave your property spotless.

The front carpark of a commercial property which has been pressure washed.

Commercial Cleaning

We clean car parks, playgrounds, sports courts, pedestrian walkways and any commercial property in need of a deep clean.

A pressure washer removing the dirt from some concrete

High Pressure Cleaning

With our high pressure cleaning method we can blast away even the toughest, most stubborn patches of dirt and grime with ease.

A steam cleaner removing dirt and residue from a garden path

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective method for removing oil stains and residue that may build up on your driveway and other surfaces over time.

A power cleaner cleaning a wooden fence.

Low Pressure Cleaning

Low pressure cleaning allows us to treat and clean sensitive areas that need special care and attention to avoid damage to the surfaces.


Maintenance Services

Some patio slabs which have been removed so that the surface beneath them can be flattened and repaired.

Patio Slabs

We can replace your cracked and broken patio slabs and also level out your un-even slabs to bring new life into your patio.

A nice, level driveway which has been repaired to remove sunken areas.

Sunken Driveways

We can lift your sunken driveways and create a level and even surface throughout, creating a perfect driveway for your home.

Patio slabs which have been repointed to prevent loose or wobbly slabs


Secure your brickwork and slabs again by having us repoint them for you. No more wobbly or loose patio slabs!

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We provide the best service for our customers

We have been working in the power cleaning industry for over 15 years and have worked on a great variety of properties and projects in that time. This ensures we can bring our knowledge and experience to each job so that our customers are always left with a positive experience and a job well done.

Each job we attend is carefully assessed to ensure the correct cleaning techniques are applied so that the job can be carried out professionally and in the right manner.

A patio area of a garden which has been pressure washed to remove the moss and dirt from it.
A moss and dirt covered garden patio which needs some urgent cleaning


What Our Customers Say

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Sean Summers

“Had Shane round to clean my gutters and fascia. Fantastic job, all looks like new now. Tricky job as he had to clean our dormer gutters on the 2nd floor but has all the tools.”

The profile picture for Charlotte Thomas
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Charlotte Thomas

“I contacted wild power cleaning because my guttering was blocked. Shane replied very quickly to come out just a few days later. He was very friendly and professional”

The profile picture for Fiona Pugh
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Fiona Pugh

“Shane is a trustworthy, friendly and professional chap who will carry out any and all work to the highest standard. He has invested thousands in the latest kit and you won’t be disappointed.”

A disability access ramp which shows signs of dirt and grime.


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